What type of timber is used in your log cabins?

Timber is ECO-friendly to Irish climate no matter in what weather conditions. We use pine and spruce Timber, which is from Scandinavian countries with premium A rated quality. Wood is more solid and the reason for that is proper seasons. In winter time tree stops growing and it makes it harder and less chance for cracks in log cabin walls. The cabin timber is fully kiln dried to 17 – 18% 

How long will it take to build and install a log cabin?

Installing completely will take approximately 2-5 days depending on the size of your log cabin. Our professionals are not afraid of bad weather conditions our priority is customer needs and that work is finished on time and best quality.

How long does it take for Log cabin to arrive to Ireland?

Ecologcabins Limited guarantee of delivery in 2 – 8 weeks and fit selected product within the 12 weeks of deposit payment, if delivery of product failed into time frame after 12 weeks, client will receive a 100 euro discount for every week of product delay. If product has failed to deliver for fitting after 24 weeks of paid deposit, by clients request the Ecologcabins Limited will refund the paid deposit in full.

Do I have to pay the full amount upfront?

Customer will purchase the stated product and will make three payments as follows: 
1) Deposit when an order is placed 
2) Rest of the product price on the delivery day.
3) When "Project" is complete then you make the final payment on that particular day.
Payment methods -  bank transfer.

Do you provide plumbing and wiring?

Yes, we have our own plumbers, painters, and electricians, who are experienced workers for years, we never out-source work.

Can I customize my log cabin?

Yes, Log cabins can be custom made at any size and windows and door position can be changed and you can even have your own drawing ready and email them to us and we will come back with a quote.

Do these log cabins require a planning permission?

Planning permission is required if the cabin size is over 25 sq/m but with concrete pad and timber frame foundation it's not a permanent structure it`s like a movable house and it is easier to apply for it.

To download any of the above leaflets or view the guide for your area please click on the link below:


Is it possible to get insured my log cabin?

We guarantee that you will be able to get insurance for any log cabin model our company has on sale. There are interesting and attractive offers from numerous companies on fully comprehensive insurance both on the structure and contents of any log cabin model.

What type of windows and doors are used for these cabins?

We use high quality glued laminated tilt and turn double glazed wood windows and doors with 5 point locking system or A rated UPVC windows and doors (with no extra charge).

Are these cabins livable all year round?

The answer is very simple. Thanks to the unique ability of timber to insulate, it is cool in the summer season and warm in winter cold nights. Research has shown that log homes retain 40% more heat than the block or brick houses. This is one of the main reasons why residential log cabins are so popular. Log homes also provide you with a breathable structure.

If the timber received has some parts damaged/missing! What should I do?

This rarely happens, but still, in this case, you just need to contact us and we will place your missing/damaged items very soon without delay.

What about warranty on these log cabins?

10 years warranty is effective on timber foundation, 44mm solid wood walls and roof from final fitting date. +2 years structural warranty if the walls are insulated.

12 years warranty is effective on 70mm solid wood walls. For all our timber frame structures - garden rooms, extensions if the external finish is timber +2 years structural warranty if the 70mm log cabin walls are insulated

25 years structural warranty is effective on all round logs from 160mm thickness, square logs from 140 mm thickness solid wood. For all our timber frame structures - garden rooms, extensions if the external finish is plaster or UPVC cladding.

50 years structural warranty is effective on all our Glued Laminated Log homes with wall thickness from 140 mm solid wood.

7 years warranty is effective on wood and UPVC windows and doors,

Please note: You might need to adjust your doors & windows during the warranty period. Window and door adjustment is included in warranty for 6 months from the day the project is completed. Our window and door adjustment is very simple and easy to do for anybody. You will be provided with information regarding the window and door adjusting by or staff. However if you wish us to help you with the window and door adjusting we are happy to help you. The cost for a call out is 100 Euro.

What wall thickness do you supply?

We offer many log home models that can be constructed with different wall thickness depending on your requirements and choice. We supply the best quality pine and spruce wood 44 mm – 200 mm wall thickness also we supply round log timber houses up to 200 mm wall thickness.

What`s the life span of these log cabins?

Modern log houses that we offer are constructed to ensure it lasts at least two-three generations. We always keep in mind the weather conditions in which our log cabins will be built. Because of this, all our base bearers are pressure treated to ensure long life in the damp Irish climate. The cabin timber is fully kiln dried to 17 – 18%

What heating can be used in log cabins?

We point out that most of our customers prefer to use small storage heaters in their log cabins as the cabins get warm quicker and the heat stays longest. They’re also economical and safe. Also, a stove can be used in our residential log cabins and underfloor heating. These log homes are 40% warmer than standard block or brick houses.