Garden sun room Single lap

4 m x 3 m

Offered garden sun rooms are minimalist in design, and therefore fits almost any exteriors, and besides, they are easy to maintain and maintain. You can choose not only their size, but also the type of roof. offers the following options:

Single lap



And also the roof covering (the latter may be the same as the roof of a residential building):

Bitumen tiles

Steel coating


Please note that the price of the pergola depends not only on its size, but also on other features (such as the type of roof, its coating, window tinting).

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Frame: 140 x 140 mm glued wood Walls: 18 mm thick siding (made from inside and outside) Ceilings, shelters: 18 mm thick panelling Floors: 28 mm thick terraced floorboards Roofing: Smooth bituminous tiles, steel roofing, slate Glass: 5 mm clear glass Doors: Aluminium sliding doors Paint: Coating of the German firm REMMERS with paint (one time)

Our garden sun rooms will provide you with an extra space and an affordable price without disappointment on the quality. Garden sun rooms are top quality and making their usage possibilities endless. So, whether you’re looking for the garden sun rooms and create a space to work from home, relax area or to build an impressive area to entertain friends – we have the perfect garden sun rooms for you.
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We are custom log house and log cabin provider.
Any of our garden sun room models can be redesigned according to your requirements. 
Garden sun room size, window and door size, window and door position, floor layout, wall thickness,  can be customized according to your needs. 
Even if you have your own idea, please make rough floor layout drawing with sizes and email us for a quotation to

Up to 25 years warranty
Premium Quality
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